Cargo transportation from the whole European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey to the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Our services:
  • cargo transportation by fully-loaded semi-trailers 24 t/90 m³;
  • transportation of cargoes under special temperature regime;
  • transportation of dangerous cargoes (ADR);
  • collection of partial cargoes;
  • cargo reloading and warehousing in Lithuania (Kaunas, Vilnius), Poland (Blonie, Garwolin) and Germany (Braunschweig). Warehouses are fitted with freezing system, services of cargo sorting, weighing, marking, labelling, film-wrapping, etc. are provided. Weighing-scale for weighing pallets with cargoes loaded is available;
  • customs clearance (export, transit declarations, TIR carnet handling).